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TOPDOC 100 was created based upon a need for a leaner, more efficient digital health agency with a primary focus on video production. With a strong group of 60 Medical Board members and a network of 300 leading Canadian healthcare specialists, TOPDOC 100 is Canada’s leading video development company, producing an average of 300 videos a year.

With over 2,000 videos produced since 2010 using a unique combination of real speakers, animation, text and filler, TOPDOC 100 produces high-quality 2-5 minute videos. Whether you are an Education Manager, Brand Manager, Social Media Manager or Product Manager, you can be sure we are familiar with your needs and restrictions related to educational content.

Lets us help you with your next project at a fraction of the cost of a large ad agency. With the explosion of digital content and the almost impossible goal of trying to keep up with the digital video appetite of the consumer, it’s imperative that  your company be able to produce reasonably-priced content at a good pace—without all the administration you have been dealing with.


Jackson Sayers
Carl Schrack
Development Manager
Chantal Amott-Sayers
Video Editorial Manager
Erin Stringer
Editorial Manager
Allen Wales
CIO Development